My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic

Season Two Edition

RiM:S2E is offered in a variety of formats, to suit all of your device needs.

We've got a .torrent and a magnet link, to try and keep the speeds high and the web server unbattered! Please seed as much as you can, it really does help.

Web aficionado? Try the web edition
Note: If you're using an iOS device and add this to your home screen, it will act as a web-app. You will even be able to use it offline!
If you're using another desktop/mobile browser and bookmark this, it should be totally accessable offline.

Layout-hungry? Why not try this high-quality pdf (updated)
Layout-hungry, but want a smaller PDF (with lower-quality images)?
     Why not try this low-quality pdf (updated)
Note: Both of these include the character sheets, right at the end

Just the character sheets, in letter or a4 (updated)

Want lean and speedy? Why not try the ePub

Google fanboy? Why not have this Google Docs version